FOUR members of a party supporting the creation of an English Parliament will stand in Rayleigh for May's local elections.

The English Democrats will field candidates in the town's Central, Lodge, Trinity and Whitehouse wards.

The party wants devolution for England, creating a federal system within the UK and the withdrawal of the whole country from the European Union.

The party's Eastern Counties chairman, Brian Lee, 73, said: "We thought it would be better to make a big spread in Rayleigh, rather than scatter too thin. We should be able to maintain a good challenge.

"There are about 60 Scottish MPs who have no power over their own country because of devolution, but can influence English laws.

"We are being governed by foreigners and a lot of people are getting fed up with it."

Paula Hayter, a teacher who attracted 30 per cent of the vote in Rayleigh Lodge ward last year, will stand in the same ward again. Kim Gandy will stand in Central ward, Mrs Hayter's husband, John, will stand in Trinity ward, and Ken Bennett, also a former UKIP activist, will stand in Whitehouse ward.