A GP has said Government proposals to replace up to 1,700 surgeries with a smaller number of super clinics will cause problems for elderly people.

Doctor Saqib Mahmud, of the Jones Family Practice, Hockley, spoke out after ministers announced plans to create polyclinics, which will open longer and have up to 25 GPs, on-site pharmacies, a range of therapists and the capacity to carry out minor surgery.

But there are concerns for elderly patients with chronic illnesses and limited mobility who will have to travel much greater distances for their appointments.

Critics also believe the polyclinics may lead to one in five GP practices closing across the UK.

Dr Mahmud said: "I have fierce concerns the traditional way of visiting the doctor is under threat.

"I have seen patients from a young age growing up, having children and bringing their children to me. This news has bought a lot of upset to my patients."