King Charles III is reportedly planning a 'slimmed down' Coronation - but when will his ceremony be?

The newly proclaimed British head of state is said to be planning on cutting back the number of working royals and wants a “less expensive” Coronation amid the cost-of-living crisis, a royal source told the Mirror.

The new King, who succeeded Queen Elizabeth II, is looking to make his coronation “shorter, smaller and less expensive” than his mother’s in 1953.

While His Majesty continues to grieve his late mother in Scotland following her state funeral on Monday, the British public's attention has turned to when his own coronation may take place.

King Charles III: The life and time of our new monarch

When will King Charles III's Coronation be?

Queen Elizabeth II's coronation was actually held in June 1953, despite ascending to the throne in February 1952 following the passing of her father King George VI.

Buckingham Palace has not given any official confirmation of when the ceremony will be as of yet but it is expectedly to be announced fairly soon.

The regal occasion is likely to mirror his mother's Coronation due to their close relationship and is expected to be held in May or June 2023.

This expectation has led many of the British public to speculate that King Charles III might pay tribute to his mother by selecting a very important date for the ceremony.

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A possible choice for the Coronation could be June 2 2023, which would mark 70 years since the Queen's own Coronation.

As per tradition, the King is expected to be crowned at Westminster Abbey where his mother was also crowned and married.

It is also where the world leaders, celebrities and the Royal Family gave thanks and paid their respects to the country's longest-serving monarch.