Southend Airport is doing its best to prove demand is hot for flights to Alicante from the city.

In a post yesterday evening, a spokesman encouraged the airport's social media followers to "make some noise" and comment: "We want Alicante!"

And they received a huge response, as the Twitter and Facebook posts combined received more than 250 comments.

The spokesman responded to some of the comments, making it clear to fans bosses are trying their best to secure Alicante flights.

They told one commenter: "Doing our best to make a point and prove to airlines that the demand for Alicante is hot hot hot! Let's make it happen together."

Replying to a resident asking for flights from Southend "as soon as possible", the spokesman said: "Working on it!"

Customers have been calling for the destination to be added to the Southend Airport's schedule since bosses previously said they wanted to add more short-haul flights and routes as they aim to get back to pre-Covid pandemic levels.

The airport shared with its followers last month that its team is "doing everything in its power" to secure the route for 2023.

A statement on the Southend Airport website also says: "London Southend Airport is in talks with airline operators and new routes will be first announced on our social channels as they become available."