A wildlife photographer from south Essex who spotted an unidentified humpback whale off the coast of Scotland has had it officially named after her.

Rosie Barrett, 25, posted the video on TikTok revealing her delight at seeing - and being named after - the mammal.

Rosie said she had managed witness the whale multiple times over the course of her season in the Hebrides on cruises.

​She explained: "Two weeks ago I saw one and after managing to catch fluke images, we realised this one was not in the Scottish Humpback ID Catalogue.

"It has records of all humpbacks seen in Scotland and where they have been seen in other countries.

"I saw this one again two days ago and after realising it was the same one, got this humpback named after me as I matched it!

Echo: It's now officially known as 'Barrett' with the nickname 'Humpie B'. Photo: Rosie Barrett / SWNSIt's now officially known as 'Barrett' with the nickname 'Humpie B'. Photo: Rosie Barrett / SWNS (Image: SWNS)

"It's now officially known as 'Barrett' with the nickname 'Humpie B'.

"Yesterday, I had a very special moment where this Humpback came to see us again! I couldn't believe it, especially as I'll be leaving soon as the season ends."

Rosie who goes under the online moniker "RosieBWild" was visibly ecstatic when announcing that the animal would be named after her.

In amongst her reaction, the whale is seen breaching and showing off its fluke - the whale's tail - that had the unique markings in which it could be identified.

She added: "This happened about 20 minutes out of Gairloch near Skye whilst out working on the boat with Veerle at Hebridean Whale Cruises.

"The first sighting was closer to Tiumpan Head at Lewis with Steve Truluck on the 10th of September.

"Richard Bailey on shore helped us to locate this Humpback the first time around."

Echo: 'Barrett'. Photo: SWNS'Barrett'. Photo: SWNS (Image: SWNS)

The whale was added to the Scottish Humpback ID Catalogue, run by Lyndsay McNeill, and is now part of a group of 100 - and counting - that have been identified in UK waters.

She added: "I am so excited to know that there is a Humpback in this world named after me.

"I cannot wait to hear about future sightings wherever they may travel to, especially as humpbacks are my absolute favourite animals."

Rosie is a self-taught wildlife photographer and filmmaker who originally hails from Benfleet, but now lives in Scotland's Gairloch where she also works for Hebridean Whale Cruises.

Her passion for documenting wildlife started six years ago and carries on to this day as she continues to travel around the country capturing pictures and videos of animals both on land and in the sea.

She has even been shortlisted for the Natural History Museum's "Rising Star" award for 2022.