SOUTHEND Airport is in discussions with airlines over bringing back flights to Alicante.

Earlier this month, an airport spokesman encouraged social media followers to "make some noise" and comment: "We want Alicante!".

They received a huge response, as the Twitter and Facebook posts combined received more than 250 comments.

Airport bosses say the interest shown on social media posts forms part of pitches to potential airline partners.

The airport also confirmed it was in discussions with firms over putting the flights on.

A Southend Airport spokesman said: "We’re always keen to hear where people want to travel to, and it’s very clear there is a lot of demand for flights to Alicante. We do share this information with the wide range of airlines that we’re in discussions with.

"In turn, this clear support does help to encourage airlines in their decision making.

"Ultimately, it’s up to the airlines where they decide to offer flights to.

"We don’t have any updates to give right now on flights for next summer, but we will do so as soon as we can.

"Thanks again to everyone in our community for their ongoing support as we work to secure new flights for next summer and beyond."