A TikTok user has revealed how Tesco shoppers can get a ‘free lunch’ alongside a Costa coffee at the popular supermarket.

@passwithbecky has gone viral on the video sharing platform after explaining how she managed to land a ‘free lunch’ when grabbing a coffee at the supermarket.

Sharing her video from her car outside Tesco she said:  "I just went into Tesco to get a Costa Express Coffee. Costa Express Coffee, regular, £3.05. Make it a meal deal with your Clubcard and it's £3.

"So I've got a salad, a chocolate bar and a coffee for £3 instead of £3.05 for just the coffee. Win."

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The video has amassed more than 23,000 likes and nearly 340,000 views.

Followers were quick to share their delight at the discovery in the comments.

One follower said: “Omg i never realised that before… will definitely remember that.”

Another added: “The Tesco meal deal is sacred. If that goes up, we'll know society is finally done.”

A third said: “Now THAT is useful information…thank you!”