A FURIOUS mum claims she has been left with a gaping hole in the floor of her home for EIGHT months after her partner shockingly fell through it.

Theresa Darius, 50, and her two children, who live in Little Oxcroft, Laindon, are still waiting for Basildon Council to carry out repairs and cover the hole, which is in daughter Kirsten’s bedroom.

Theresa’s partner, Tony Walker, fell through the floorboards earlier this year while staying at the home, but was able to stop himself falling through to the lounge below.

The family have been forced to cover the hole with a plank of wood ever since, but a more permanent solution has yet to be found by the council - which owns the property.


Theresa said: “We’ve had legal advice, and a solicitor told us it’s a risk to life and unfit to live in. I don’t think the council checked it properly before we moved in.

“My son is autistic and is having to sleep in living room as his flooring is in a poor state too. The hole is still there after my partner fell through in February and we’ve had to cover it up with a plank of wood.

“We’ve been told we cannot have carpets due to weakness in the floor and we’ve only got chipboard on the floor.”

Daughter Kirsten, 33, added that the saga is affecting her mental health, and claims the family are fearful of falling through the floorboards in other parts of the home.

She added: “It’s very stressful and I am scared of falling through the floor so have to walk about very carefully.

“There’s a hole next to my bed and I think it’s disgusting that the council isn’t doing anything about it.

“We’ve contacted the council various times but not heard back.”

A Basildon Council spokesman said: “We are sorry for the issues Ms Darius is experiencing at her property - works have already been booked in to solve the issues for the tenant.

“Significant works have been scheduled for October 18 including the fixing of roof tiles, replacing damaged flooring, and ceiling redecoration.

“The tenant has been sent a letter confirming that these works will be taking place.”