The major UK retailer outraged customers after bringing in a new fee for drivers charging their electric vehicles at Tesco locations.

The supermarket chain recently asked customers to pay 28p to charge their electric vehicles for the first time after it had been free to use the chain's EV charging points.

The move angered and outraged customers with many saying they would never shop at Tesco again.

The new charges will see customers pay 28p to charge their electric car normally and 40p for the 22kW and 50p for the 50kW rapid charging points.

In a statement, a Tesco spokesperson said: “We’ve provided more than 86 million miles worth of free charging for customers to date, and our new great value tariffs will build on this with some of the most competitive rates in the market. These changes will improve access to chargers for all our customers, and enable continued investment in our charging network across the UK.”

PodPoint, a UK provider of electric charging stations, added: “The new tariffs are some of the most competitive in the market and will enable us to continue investing in our network. It’s hoped that by making these changes customers will only top up when they need to, ensuring that they make way for others once their cars are charged.”

Echo: PA - EV drivers will now have to pay 28p to charge their cars at TescoPA - EV drivers will now have to pay 28p to charge their cars at Tesco (Image: PA)

However, many remained unconvinced with one user on Twitter saying: "Disappointed to see you decide a cost of living crisis is the *perfect* time to introduce EV fees in stores. Free charging was something I told all my friends about as an awesome thing you did & was a key reason I shopped Tesco. Guess now I can shop elsewhere!"

While another added: "@Tesco well that’s me going back to Morrisons then. The free EV charging compensated the extra drive to the store. Mozzers is at the end of the road. #lostbusiness"

But another user criticised those complaining, saying: "Why are EV owners getting miffed that Tesco are now charging them money for charging their cars rather than offering free electricity? They have never topped up peoples' petrol tanks in the car parks for free."

While another tweeted: "I’m sorry but what? Why do shoppers with EV’s expect to be able to use the electricity of Tesco for free? Electricity is very expensive. If it’s ‘free’ to EV owners, the cost will be passed on to the customer in other ways. I own an EV. I mostly charge at home where is simple."