TRACEY Woolley was a young mum when she first started working in the beauty industry.

Since then, she has soaked up all there is to know about treatments and her passion for great skincare.

Now 51, the owner of Pure Indulgence salon in Leigh is on a mission to cure sleep wrinkles and help with menopausal symptoms with her invention, the Fresh Face Pillow.

“I had my son Danny at 15 and wanted a trade behind me to support us both. I studied at 18 but at that time the industry wasn’t as advanced as it is now, and I didn’t take it up again untilI was in my late 20s. I’ve taken many courses and built up my qualifications but there’s always more to learn,” said Tracey.

“I’m proud to say Pure Indulgence has won a five-star award for customer service every year for the past ten years. I have a great team of girls and we offer a comprehensive range of treatments, many of them focusing on anti-ageing as well as more regular treatments such as waxing and- semi-permanent lashes. Skin care will always be my passion!”

With her finger on the pulse when it comes to skincare, what are Tracey’s top budget beauty tips?

“Drinking water to keep you hydrated is cheap and easy to do but you’ll notice such a difference to your skin. We tend to drinkless inthe winter but I keep a jug of water spiked with fresh fruit slices on the salon counter or at home and just sip a small glass every hour.

“Book a skin care consultation at your favourite salon or store to find out more about your skin and what it needs. Very often you’llbegivensamples totryfirst before you invest in the full-size Pure Indulgence salon owner Tracey has skincare sussed and it’s a great way of getting some good free skin care tips, too.”

Tracey believes people will benefit from her Fresh Face Pillow invention.

“Five years ago I had a chance meeting with Jai and Sergio who own Deo Beauty. I told Jai about my idea and he said he would help working with the designs I had in mind. We had several prototypes made before we were happy and this took four years to bringing the pillow to the public,” explained Tracey.

“I went through the menopause in my early 40s but I still suffer occasionally with night sweats but the pillow helps to alleviate it so I barely notice them.

It not only prevents you waking up and feeling like you need to iron your face, you wake up feeling good all over, too!” Fresh Face Pillow is available at selected stockists for £97 for a limited time