A FAMOUS suffragette is being remembered with a blue plaque at her family home.

An unveiling ceremony is being held for a plaque to remember Myra Sadd Brown, from Maldon.

She was born in 1872 and grew up on the site of Mount View in West Chase, which is where the blue plaque will be placed.

Mrs Sadd Brown was active in the women’s suffrage movement in London and is well known for breaking a window at the Government's War Office in 1912.

She was sentenced to two months of hard labour in London’s Holloway Prison where she joined other suffragettes, including Emmeline Pankhurst, on a hunger strike.

Mrs Sadd Brown was among the women who were restrained and force-fed.

She suffered a broken nose during her ordeal but was still force-fed through a nasal tube.

She died in Hong Kong in April 1938 after suffering from a stroke.

There is a tree-shaped memorial to the Sadd family at the United Reformed Church in Maldon.

The Maldon Society is responsible for the blue plaques and works to maintain the history of the town.

Archive manager Peter Holmes said: “The Sadd family lived in the house for centuries.

“John Sadd, Myra’s father, had the house built.

“She was born on the site but in a previous house.

“She lived here until she got married when she was 24, then she moved to London.

“The Sadd family did have another house in Market Hill called Hill House.”

Essex Lord Lieutenant Jennifer Tolhurst, from Danbury, requested the plaque.

Mr Holmes said: “The plaque was requested by the Lord Lieutenant because she felt that Essex women weren’t being represented properly.

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“Without woman like Myra, woman wouldn’t be able to vote.

“I think it’s good - the society is responsible for all the blue plaques in Maldon and we have about eight.

“The main role of what we do is campaign to maintain the heritage of the town.

“We have a public meeting on the first Thursday of every month.”

For more information, go to www.maldonsoc.org.

The ceremony is at 11.30am on Monday, November 14, at Mount View, West Chase, Maldon, CM9 6HN.