A SOUTHEND tennis coach is set to take on a six-hour challenge to raise money for a suicide charity following the death of his nephew.

Andy Magrath, a 52-year-old from Hockley, has been a professional tennis coach for 30 years.

Just two months ago, on September 16, his nephew Cameron Magrath sadly passed away.

Cameron was a serving police officer with Surrey Constabulary at the time of his death.

His uncle, Andy, described him as his “dear nephew” who was “extremely popular” and “well-liked” but added “in spite of this, he couldn’t defeat the mental health demons that surrounded him”.

In his memory Andy will be taking on a “six-hour tennis hitathon”.

He said: “I am doing this hitathon, not only in my nephew’s memory, but also to raise both awareness and funds as this ordeal could happen to anyone.

“He was so well-liked but sadly he could not defeat the mental health demons.”

Andy will be raising morning for Grassroots Suicide Prevention charity, which pledges to “make sure nobody has to experience the thoughts of suicide alone”.

He hopes to raise at least £1,000.

He hopes the money raised can help make a difference.

Andy said: “Since this terribly tragic event, I have heard numerous similar stories where almost everyone I have spoken to has experienced similar circumstances.

“This is all too common, especially in young men.

“This can’t be right.

“When someone has thoughts of suicide, connecting with others can make all the difference. But reaching out can seem impossible.

“Together we can fight this, and I have read a lot about this charity, and I admire the work they do to help individuals with suicide tendencies.”

Andy will be hitting tennis balls for six straight hours on court at Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre alongside 12 volunteer players on Sunday, December 4.

They will kickstart the challenge at 9am.

To donate, visit https://bit.ly/3OpAFgU