Diana Taylor-Basillo grew up in Sri Lanka watching her mum gathering herbs and spices to blend into skincare products.

She knew early on the nourishing powers of certain natural ingredients and how to harness their power.

Echo: Mum Bertha with Diana as a babyMum Bertha with Diana as a baby (Image: Diana Taylor-Basillo)

Now Diana, 41, who lives in Rochford with her husband, puts her wisdom with essential oils into her own skincare brand Enlighten Through Nature which she launched in 2021.

“There is a connection between the use of essential oils and ancient medicine practices around the world,” she said.

“Essential oils have always been with us, they have been an ingredient in many ancient remedies which helped treat humans for centuries.”

Her mum Bertha Goonetilleke would use ingredients from potted plants grown at home or purchased from either local markets or traditional medicine shops.

Diana said: “Some of the remedies, as I recall, used fresh ground sandalwood and turmeric, which were blended together to create face masks. This was used to treat my very hormonal teenage skin.

“To make herbal hair oil, mum used to boil king coconut kernel for a long period and skimmed the oil off. The mixture was cooled and used as a massage hair oil. I still do this with my own blend of carrier and essential oils.

“At 41 I am still yet to spot grey hair and have decent growth. In addition, the blend I use for myself helps to keep my scalp psoriasis under control.”

In 2007, Diana moved to the UK and began utilising her knowledge to improve her health.

While at college her teacher mentioned essential oils and Diana’s knowledge of them was sparked.

“I decided to start reading and researching and discovered that lavender could be the answer to my sleep problems. The first time I used it, was the first time I slept well in a long time.”

“Through research, I learned there were essential oils that were thought to help boost the immune system and cleanse the air. So, I started experimenting and eventually found a few I felt were my winter staples.”

Diana recommends lavender, eucalyptus globulus or radiata frankincense and lime essential oils for good health during winter.

For details visit www.facebook.com/enlightenthroughnature and www.facebook.com/diana.taylorbasilio.