A FAMILY-RUN restaurant offers a taste of the best, as it is home of the winner of the Chef Of The Year at this year’s Euro Asia Curry Awards.

Asia Benfleet, in High Road, South Benfleet, has been in operation for around three-and-a-half-years. They serve Indian and Bangladeshi style food, with a focus on “taking customer service to the next level”.

And the whole team are celebrating the victory of chef Ali Abbas Khan at the awards which celebrate the success of the curry industry across the UK.

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Waheed Khan, manager and director of the business, and son of Ali, said: “It is such an amazing feeling - we hoped we had a good chance after being nominated but didn’t expect to win such a prestigious award.

“Winning it means so much, it is just such an amazing feeling knowing we have so many people who love my father’s cooking.

“It means a lot to my father too, as it made all of his hard work worthwhile and will continue to motivate him.

“It is such a proud feeling knowing we have an award-winning chef cooking for the customers and providing a positive experience for the whole community.”

Ali Abbas Khan has been a chef for more than 35 years.
Waheed added how the community already love his dad, despite being a fairly new restaurant.

He added: “My father can create magic in the kitchen and has a special talent to cook to anyone’s needs.

“He will also make sure customers are satisfied with what they order, and we have already had many customers wanting to meet him when they finished their meal to thank him.”

The family say they hope to continue their high standards and serve the Benfleet community.

They said: “We want to say a huge thank you to our customers as without their support it wouldn’t be possible.

“We hope to continue serving the community of Benfleet and would eve hope to secure an even bigger premises in the area in the future.”