Photos are going viral on social media as Lakeside's Miller and Carter started sinking this morning.

The popular stakehouse has been forced to close "due to structural issues" and bosses have apologised to guests.

A spokesman for Miller and Carter said: "Unfortunately we will be closed until further notice due to structural issues.

"We will contact every guest as soon as possible, for safety reasons we are unable to access our restaurant to answer any phone calls.

"Management will be calling all guests with upcoming bookings. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused."

While customers who booked the restaurant for Christmas are gutted, others have taken to social media to react to the news. 

 One Twitter user commented: "So the Miller and Carter Steakhouse at Lakeside is sinking. It brings a whole new meaning to 'Surf and Turf'."

Similarly, Jack Whiteford added: "Proper surf and turf."

Essex Fire and Rescue Service said that “everyone was safely evacuated” from the restaurant.

A spokesman said: “We were informed of the incident, but as no one was onboard (everyone was safely evacuated) there was no life risk and therefore we were not required to attend.

“The incident is being dealt with by the site owners.”

Ashley Sharp commented: "Its ok at one end, the cheap seats will now mean you get wet feet."

Robin Park says: "The steaks are high now...."

Luke Osborne said:"So irresponsible, Christmas is ruined! Taking my service to a buoyant restaurant"

Customers will be issued refunds "as quickly as possible", bosses have reassured.

A Miller and Carter spokesman told the Echo: "Our priority is our guests, and our teams are working hard to contact everyone who holds a booking with us to inform them of the unforeseeable incident and issue refunds as quickly as possible.”