January marks ‘walk your dog’ month (not that dog owners would skip walking their precious hounds during other months) but it is a chance to celebrate the joy of getting out with furry friends.

The frenzy of excitement before walkies is one of the joys of being a dog owner.

Echo camera club members share their adorable dog walking photos showing how they spend their daily outings.

Nicole Crockford’s dog Benji loves woodland walks. “Climbing logs is Benji’s favourite thing to do,” said Nicole.

Susan Dodds’ dogs like a little treat when they are out and about.

Ken Barker’s dogs love a little dip in a Laindon stream while on a walk and Victoria Livemore’s dog also braves the chilly weather for a frosty walk.

The month highlights the importance of regular walking the dogs who, just like humans, are prone to health risks if they do not move their bodies.

They can have reduced mobility, become overweight as well as other health problems. By getting out in the fresh air they can benefit reducing blood pressure and enhanced bone and muscle strength.

Walking dogs also allows them to stimulate their mind and relieve any stress they may have from not getting out of the house or from being left alone.

Owners are advised to aim to walk their dog every day and, in most cases, twice a day generally, a 30-minute to two hour walk dependent on the dog’s breed, size, age, and their current health.

If owners are unsure on how much exercise their dog needs speak to a vet.