An unusual visitor at Rochford Reservoir has been attracting attention as it evaded capture after a large-scale operation.

Echo camera club members have been snapping pictures of the seal which has been on the loose in the fishing lake for more than two weeks.

The seal has been spotted regularly relaxing on an island in the reservoir as well as on the move in the water.

Echo: The seal photographed relaxingThe seal photographed relaxing (Image: Wayne Alderton)

It was reportedly first spotted in Rochford Reservoir on December 20.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR), worked alongside Rochford Council and the Environment Agency in an attempt to rescue the seal.

However, due to complications surrounding the animal’s being a protected species, the operation was unsuccessful.

Echo: Kerry couldn't miss the chance to see the sealKerry couldn't miss the chance to see the seal (Image: Kerry Mountain)

Concern has also been growing over the seal’s impact on the fish population in the Marks Hall Fisheries Lake.

An adult seal can consume five to six per cent of their body weight in fish per day – about 4.5 to 8.2 kilograms.

Echo: The seal on the moveThe seal on the move (Image: Wayne Alderton)

A BDMLR spokesman told the Echo: “We do want this animal to be relocated as much as the angling community do. It cannot exhibit normal seal behaviour on its own as they are social, colony animals.”

The closure of the fishing lake has been extended by the council until January 23.

Another rescue mission is planned this week.