AN ADDICT deliberately stabbed her former partner twice during a heated argument and hid the knife in a nearby alleyway, a court has heard.

Lisa Allen, 41, is standing trial at Basildon Crown Court accused of stabbing the man in her home in Southchurch Road, Southend, although she insists it was in selfdefence.

The jury was told yesterday the victim suffered stab wounds to his stomach and arm and an injury to his wrist and was taken to hospital.

Allen claims the incident was “lawful self defence” however the prosecution claims the injuries were “intentionally caused” and that Allen followed the man to attempt to “stab him again”.

Prosecuting, Stephen Rose, said: “He was staying with her and on July 22 last year they had a verbal argument and during the course of the altercation she reached under her bed and pulled out a knife.

“He was stabbed to the stomach and arm and we say there were at least two deliberate wounds.


“He got to the door and it seems she followed him and tried to stab him again and he suffered a wrist injury as he put out his hands in self defence.

“All the injuries were intentionally caused with the knife and the victim was bleeding when police arrived.

“He was taken to hospital and police searched the area and found a knife in an alleyway.

“CCTV showed her walking around the area and we say the footage shows her making an effort to dispose of hide the knife in light of what had just done.”

Mr Rose told the court Allen had become dependant on alcohol and cannabis and that the victim has previously been convicted for assaulting her.

Speaking to the jury he said a neighbour heard the arguing and had recorded some of it.

He added: “She initially refused to answer police questions in the interview and after a break she decided to answer the questions.

“She claims it was lawful self defence and says she had to defend herself and his injuries were caused in that context.

“She accepts she is responsible for hiding the knife and says she did it for good reason.”

Allen is charged with wounding with intent and having a bladed article in a public place.

She denies the charges and the trial continues.