Southend Airport bosses are in talks with Easyjet to bring back a base for the budget airline, it has been revealed.

Caroline Fitzgerald, commercial director at Southend Airport also told BBC Essex this morning that the bosses are in constant conversations with airlines over possible new routes.

It comes after it was announced today the airport is bringing back flights to Amsterdam.

Caroline Fitzgerald told BBC Essex: "It absolutely feels like the airport's getting back online now, I think this morning’s news is clear indication of recovery.

"In terms of the future easyJet is an active partner of ours and we’ve signed a multi-year deal which is fantastic news for our recovery, we talk to them as well as other airlines around the return of other routes.


"We hope to see an easyJet base back and are in active talks to see that realised as soon as possible.

"The clear facts is we’ve signed that multi year agreement that’s a demonstration of our recovery and that strong relationship with easyjet regrowing it’s a very complex matter it’s a case of supply and demand.

"We would say yes to every single route that an airline wanted to fly through Southend Airport I am sure there would be a way to make it work.

"It is still quite the journey to get back the passenger numbers, we don’t yet have that base confirmed and I think key growth will come when have confirmed bases.

"It could be two or three years umtil we see ourselves back at that 2019 2.1million and over 40 destinations flying it could be slightly slower recovery that we ever anticipated."