Kim Kardashian has shocked the UK with her transformative 'Essex Girl' makeover. 

The reality TV star turned businesswoman shared her new look on the TikTok account she shares with her oldest daughter North, called Kim and North. 

Known as the Essex girl challenge, the trend went viral in earlier 2022, seeing users re-create an Essex-inspired look to the popular song M to B by grime star Millie B. 

In the clip, the mum of four is shown wearing a bold make-up look with thick black brows, bright white under eyes, hot pink blusher, extra-large fake lashes, foundation lips and of course a messy bun. 



♬ original sound - Lily

Inspired by Essex, the look was most popular during the early 2010s with teenagers favouring the look that has now become synonymous with the county. 

Getting into the spirit of the video, Kim mimes along to the song with lyrics like: "f you don’t know me, I’m M to the B, coming in hard, you better watch it, Sophie."

The Tik Tok video has gained over 13 million views and two million likes since it was posted. 

Many shared their opinions on the Karhdasian's new look, as one user wrote: "looks better than most in the UK" and another said "she literally ate that up with no crumbs."

Although there were mixed reviews on the look, many from Essex said she got it spot on, with one user writing: "as a person who lives in the same country as Essex… she did well."

Whilst another wrote: "Noooo not Kim doing my local girl look I’m screaming."