A LOUIS Vuitton bag and Apple MacBook were among thousands of pounds-worth of items taken during a van theft in Pitsea.

Jude Moore, 27, was returning from a therapy session in Little Searles, Pitsea, when he realised that his white Fiat Fiorino van - worth £5,000 - had been stolen.

Alongside the van, a number of items were stolen including the Louis Vuitton bag and Apple MacBook - worth £4,000 combined - as well as sentimental items including a dog collar that belonged to his former pet and family photos.

Jude said: “This sort of thing just never happens to us. I don’t know why we were targeted, there were plenty of other more expensive cars on the street.

“The police were just as confused, because my van is not a very enticing prize for thieves. Some of those items mean so much to me. I’m angry, very angry, that someone get their hands on my stuff.

“My dog was a bully breed, but was sadly taken away after some troubles, I still miss him and I kept that collar to remind me of him, and now I don’t even have that.”

The next day Jude managed to get his hands on the CCTV footage from the night which showed two men approaching his van.

He said: “Therapy that day really went through the window, it’s really rough at the moment. It’s just such a shame that this has become such a rife problem in Basildon.

“I need to pay rent and can’t afford to replace all of these items, and some are simply irreplaceable like the photos of my niece and nephews or all the unreleased music that I made and now have to work from scratch again.”

The incident has been reported to police and an investigation has been launched.

Anyone with information should contact Essex Police on 101 to make a report,.

Alternatively you can contact the independent crimefighting charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.