SEX workers are being banned from a Southend road as residents install private CCTV in a relentless campaign to crack down on crime and anti-social behaviour.

Residents have also made a number of reports to police about sex workers causing a nuisance in Ambleside Drive, Southend.

People living on Ambleside Drive have long complained about problems with gangs, drug dealers and prostitution.

Police have confirmed they have issued a number of community protection warnings to sex workers in recent months, which ban them from the area.

One father, who asked to be anonymous, said: “Residents have installed doorbell footage camera to record conversations and I’ve made five police statements.

“Police are also issuing kerb crawlers with warnings too, officers have done a fantastic job. A key thing is the value and quality of the evidence given to police.


“I am pleased it’s better and it’s making a massive difference to our quality of life too.

“The women engaging in sex work should heed what has happened to this one individual due to her behaviour as a sex worker and see the writing on the wall.

“It is only a matter of time before it happens to the rest of the sex workers in the area.”

Residents have reported an improvement in issues recently, hoping it is the first step in ending the problem for good.

An Essex Police spokesman said: “We’ve been working to tackle this issue and are pleased that people living in the area are seeing a difference.

“Our approach has been, and continues to be, to treat the women working in Ambleside Drive as vulnerable people and victims of sexual exploitation.

“By working with them, support agencies and the wider public, we look to support and safeguard them, while building intelligence to target those that control and exploit them.”

Martin Terry, Independent councillor for public protection, added: “We are pleased to be seeing a positive impact in the area as we continue to work closely with Essex Police and our community partners to ensure appropriate support and safeguarding measures are in place for those who need them.

“Ambleside Drive is an area our community safety officers patrol regularly, and Essex Police also monitor the area frequently to provide a visible presence in the area, contributing to the deterrence of anti-social behaviour.”