People could be saving hundreds of pounds each year by learning simple fixes for their household items.

From broken toasters to dolls missing limbs, the Repair Cafe, run by Southend in Transition and Trust Links Eco Days, is a place where people can get their goods fixed and learn how to do repairs themselves.

“I have never like the idea of throwing things away and replacing them, when they can be fixed. By looking after what we have, we can save money and stop waste which helps the environment. It is also a great event to get involved as a community,” said Duncan Seath, founder of the Southend in Transition Repair Café.

Echo: Great turn out - the Repair Cafe attendees as well as the Southend Mayor came alongGreat turn out - the Repair Cafe attendees as well as the Southend Mayor came along (Image: Trust Links)

The event ran at Trust Links Westcliff on Saturday where lots of people came along with their broken goods.

So, what simple fixes can people try at home?

“Often, we have people come in with hoovers which they think are broken. A lot of the time they are not working because the filter is blocked. By simply washing the filter or removing any fluff and letting them dry out, the hoover will start working again. Always check the instructions on the hoover you have for guidance,” said Duncan.

Duncan also says it is worth learning the basics about replacing fuses as they are commonly the reason electrical goods are not working.

Echo: Toaster king - Rod McLaren gives advice on fixing household goodsToaster king - Rod McLaren gives advice on fixing household goods (Image: Trust Links)

Rod McLaren, who has become known as “the toaster king” since helping at The Repair Café events, says people might be shocked at the reason they are not getting their fix of toast in the morning.

“Most of the time it is a very simple fix,” said Rod. “If you give it a good shake out, to get rid of all the crumbs, and a clean, it should usually start working.”

Rod, who is a former Ford prototype mechanic, enjoys being part of the event.

“We have all sorts of people coming along to the café event. We even had a little girl come in with her doll Rosemary, which was missing a hand. Luckily, Lea, who is very created was able to make a new hand made for her china doll made out of clay.”

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