THE skills of comedy improvisation will be pushed to the limit with a 48 hour marathon event.

The event will take place at Trinity Football and Social Club, Southend, from 7pm on Friday March 31 to 7pm Sunday April 2, where actors will be performing with all their improvisational might.

Although what the actors say will not scripted they have the theme of a comedy soap opera set in the fantasy land of Middle Mirth.

It is broken down into two hour “episodes” which run consecutively over the 48 hours.

“The fantastic thing about these improvisation events is no one really knows where it is going, but you have to keep the faith that a story will emerge, and it always does,” says director Ali James.

“Some of the best comedy comes from improvising and it gets nice and surreal after that many hours as well. Some of us will be there throughout the event, with some breaks in between the episodes, and other actors will dip in and out. It is great to be part of and for audiences to watch.”

The organisers of the event, which is raising money for UNICEF, have extended the event from 24 to 48 hours this year, having performed three 24 hour improvathons previously, raising over £2,000 for charity.

With a crack team of 40 improvisers including John Oakes and Lee Tearrell, Russell Kane tour support Ross McGrane, winner of Extreme Improv’s Worldwide Championship 2020 Ashley Edwards and director Ali James of Olivier Award winning Showstopper!

Episodes start on odd numbered hours: 7pm, 9pm, 11pm, 1am, etc (throughout two nights). The 1pm to 3pm episode on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 April will be family-friendly. For all other episodes the guideline is 14 plus.

The 1am to 3am and 3am to 5am on Saturday 1 April and the 9am to 11am episode on Sunday 2 will be specially curated Dungeons and Dragons RPG episodes, led by Jonathan Jacomb, where the audience roll huge dice for the characters’ fate.

Episodes cost £5 and tickets for the full weekend and full day passes are available on Eventbrite now by searching “Southend 48 Hour Improvathon”.