A GRANDAD took his own life due to botched dental work that led to 14 years of pain, his family claim.

Widowed father-of-two Clive Worthington, 81, suffered from a misaligned bite and trouble chewing and swallowing following failed treatment to give him dental implants and a fitted denture.

The retired woodworker from Harlow, Essex, also suffered from repeated gum infections, constant gum pain, headaches and a deviated jaw.

He lost weight from not being able to eat and stopped going out.

He was being treated for anxiety and depression, which he said was a direct result of "prolonged and failed treatment" by one private dentist.

His family say Mr Worthington then took his own life after he had spent an estimated £20k in dental and legal costs.

And despite being awarded more than £117k compensation, he died without ever receiving any due to a legal loophole.

His distraught daughter Gina Tilly is now pursuing justice for her father, having helped him in the final stages of his legal case.

Gina Tilly, 43, a mum of one from Portsmouth, said: "He was constantly going to dentists and asking if they can do anything for him.

"It was a complete mess, in the end, he just knew he wasn't going to get the help he wanted.

"Every time he felt like he was getting somewhere with his health or with the compensation claim- it just felt like too much to navigate.

"These big old organisations make you feel powerless.

"I knew he'd been struggling; he was having a really hard time. I knew something was wrong, but it was still a shock."

Tearing up, she said: "It's completely devastated us.

"My daughter doesn't know all the details; It's just really terrible.

"Dad was one of ten children, so when this happened, it wasn't just about him; it had a big ripple effect."

In November 2019, Dr Gömbös and Perfect Profiles Ltd were instructed by the GDC to pay him £86,495.62 in damages and £30,882.80 in costs, to be paid within 14 days.

But it wasn't paid for 14 days.

The £117,378.42 he was owed had not been paid when he died in September last year.