A COMMITTED charity worker said she “cried” after a generous man decided to cover the cost of some of her shopping bill to help out children in care.

Laura Gibbs, 43, headed to Aldi, in Cowdray Avenue, to purchase a “huge trolley full” of party food after offering to supply the catering for a bash at a fostering firm.

Due to the quantity of items she was looking to buy, she decided to let the man waiting behind her load his shopping onto the till’s conveyor belt ahead of her.

During a chat between the two customers Laura, who has lived in Colchester for 14 years, explained her buys were for a party organised for 75 children currently in care.


Touched by her moving story the kind man went above and beyond and paid for all the drinks in her trolley, leaving her completely stunned.

“He thought it was for my own children’s party but when I told him he said he hoped the children had a great time,” added Laura, who works for the Royal British Legion.

“He stood there when my shopping was going through the till and then he asked the lady to stop and let him pay for the drinks.

“I thanked him about ten times and cried and the lady behind the till shed a tear too. Everyone was overwhelmed when I told them what had happened.”

Laura, whose husband works for the fostering agency, has said she remains bowled over by the man’s goodwill and would love to show her appreciation.

She also praised the efforts of all those who look after children in and beyond Colchester and work tirelessly to help them find a loving home.


Laura said: “The foster carers are amazing and the support they give the children is phenomenal.

“Giving them a party makes such a difference to them and gives them a chance to share in the magic.

“But I would love to know who he is and let him know that he helped the children enjoy their party.

“I just want to say a huge thank you to him for being so kind because there are so many children in care.”

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