A MAN is “desperately” hoping to find his dad’s Ashes after losing them on a night out along Southend seafront.

Stan Blade took a wooden box containing his dad’s ashes to the seafront to make a video of himself “having a pint and going on the rides” with his dad one last time.

But sadly the 39-year-old musician who grew up in Southend lost the box after bumping into some old mates and “getting a little bit too drunk” on Saturday, March 18.

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“My dad was a really funny bloke and he would have absolutely loved the idea of me riding a roller coaster with his ashes by my side,” Mr Blade said.

“He had a good sense of humour, so I just wanted to do something to pay tribute to that as I haven’t visited my hometown in a while.

@stanstoks Lost my dad’s ashes and step mums not happy ! #FindStansDad #stanstoks #stanblade #rip ♬ original sound - S T A N B L A D E !

“The idea was to take him to the beach and go on the bumper cars and get an ice cream, you know all the stereotypical things you do at the beach. 

“But I ended up bumping into friends and getting drunk along the seafront.

“I came home, and my step mum asked ‘where is your dad?’

“She was not pleased with me at all, and I do not blame her.

Mr Blade’s dad Stephen passed away in 2011 aged 60.

He says he misses him very much and is appealing for the public to help him bring the box of ashes home.

“I know it sounds crazy and really stupid now but at the time it seemed like a funny idea,” Mr Blade continue.

“Saying it out loud makes it seem even more stupid but I am determined to try and find the ashes, surely someone has seen the box it’s not something that you would normally see around.

He says the box was in a plastic bag for life when he last saw it near Adventure Island.

He added: “They haven’t been found as yet but I’m hoping they will turn up soon.

“I feel stupid and annoyed at myself. I’m not very popular with my family now.”