Police have issued an update after a number of reports of a dead pony found beside the A127.

Several motorists called police to the major road after noticing the horse near the Shell Garage in Wickford.

A spokesman for Essex Police has since confirmed the reports and said the pony's body would be removed although this is the responsibility of Basildon Council.

They also noted the horse was not blocking the carriageway, but due to the number of reports, officers taped the scene off to show police were aware.


It is believed there is no insinuation of any wrongdoing or RSPCA involvement, but instead the horse may have exited its field and walked closed to the A127.

The RSPCA website states: "If there are no suspicious circumstances and the animal is found on a motorway or major A road in England or Wales, please call the Highways Agency for England or Traffic Wales so that arrangements can be made for the animal to be safely removed.

"For any minor or side roads, the councils are obliged to pick up dead animals but please note this does not include private or residential property."

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