A SOUTHEND nightclub has revealed its new campaign to keep visitors safe – including questioning whoever a “drunk” person is leaving with and taking their details to ensure they get home safely.

MooMoo Clubrooms, in Warrior Square, is taking steps to promote awareness and safety in the venue, launching a “We Got You” campaign. 

Measures in place include a total of 57 CCTV cameras covering the venue, a minimum of three first response emergency care-trained medics on duty every night and a fully trained licensed door team on duty every night.

There will be drinks testing strips available on request to management and bottle toppers and foil tops available at every bar.

Anyone who is leaving the premises with a person who appears vulnerable will be questioned and details may be taken by staff to ensure the person gets home safely.

A spokesman for Moo Moo said: “We take the safety and security of our guests seriously and to further reassure them of the steps we take to make this a priority we created our ‘We Got You’ campaign promoting awareness and safety in our venue.

“This campaign clearly communicates the measures we have in place to best protect our guests as much as we can in ensuring they have a good night out.

“These measures include enhanced searches on our door by our fully trained SIA door team: Ask for Angela; first response team and a dedicated medic on duty every night; drink testing strips, drink covers and bottle toppers; DrinkAware team wellbeing checks.

“In addition, the venue is fully covered by 24-hour CCTV.

“We do ask guests to remain vigilant and report any suspicious or unusual behaviour to the management on the night as we all work together in providing a safe environment.”

James Courtenay, councillor responsible for public protection, praised the club for the steps it is taking. 

He said: “Businesses should always ensure the safety of their patrons which, of course, includes ensuring those patrons know of the services that are available for them.

“I’m pleased that MooMoo Southend are taking this responsibility seriously and letting everyone know about the wide range of advice, help and support they have every time they are open.

“I urge those going clubbing to take care and to make full use of the support offered by the club – if in doubt, ask for help.”