WHEELIE bins could be rolled out for rubbish collection in Canvey, Hadleigh, Thundersley and Benfleet in a move saving £523,000 which would limit the amount of waste produced in every household.

Residents in the Castle Point borough are currently still asked to leave their household rubbish in bin liners for collection by waste crews.

However, the council is now considering moving to wheelie bins which would likely improve its recycling performance by limiting the volume of general waste each household can produce to 180 litres per fortnight.

The Echo contacted council leader Dave Blackwell and the council’s media team multiple times to ask about the plans but received no response.

In documents, it was revealed the council had concerns with the current system over scavenging and split sacks as well as seeing a high level of contamination in its pink recycling sacks.

The council says the changes could potentially deliver £523,000 savings to the council due primarily to the increased income from better quality material, but this saving cannot be guaranteed.

The item, which had been scheduled for discussion for debate at Castle Point cabinet on June 21, was deferred after some members were unable to attend.

Castle Point resident, Tim Copsey, was in support of the move.

He said: “Many councils in the UK have wheelie bins. Given the chronic underfunding of local government it is very responsible to save money. It might also mean less mess in the roads as foxes open the black sacks currently.

“Personally, I like the idea of having one neat wheelie bin as opposed to a heap of black sacks.

“When recycling of waste came in years ago initially people said British people would not be able to cope but people managed to adjust to a new method of separating waste.

“It is impossible to please everybody but these days more people have concern for the environment.”

It is proposed that a 12-week public consultation should take place this summer and that the outcome of the consultation will be reported back to cabinet in the late autumn/winter for a formal decision.