This amazing aerial photo of Westcliff in 1928 shows that many of the structures from that time still exists today.

If you look closely you will see The Arches on Palmeira Avenue and, on close inspection, you can just about see the people who are gathered there enjoying the views, as people comtinue to do nearly 100 years later. 

Echo: Westcliff from the air - bird's eye viewWestcliff from the air - bird's eye view (Image: Jon Wennington)

Many of the original buildings seen in the image are standing today, testament to the quality of the building work of the structures.

The 1928 photo was sourced by Jon Wennington, member of the Ros Southend Past in Photos. Old Southend and memories. from

Building work had already been carried out on Western Esplanade to create the dual carriageway and to widen the road although there were clearly far fewer cars on the road at that time.