Drivers were “wrongly issued” parking fines after a system issue at a Southend car park. 

Southend Council has confirmed parking charge notices were issued in “error” to visitors at the Rayleigh Road Car Park in Eastwood.

Paul Collins, Liberal Democrats councillor responsible for the Eastwood Park ward, had been contacted after a number of residents had received parking charge notices despite having a pass.

He said he had then raised the issue with the council officers.

It was later confirmed there was a system issue, and four parking charge notices were issued in error – and have since been cancelled.

Mr Collins said: “People came to me about this.

“So, with the car parks you are allowed to buy a pass for a period of time, that could be for one month, three months, six, 12 and so on.

“You register your car registration with the council electronically and then they are checked on devices – if they then have permits, they are ignored.

“There was a glitch and an error with the system.

“It struck me there was something going on it, but it has all been smoothed out now, and people have had it cancelled.

“But I hope those affected get a letter apology and I hope there won’t be any further problems.”

The errors had occurred over the past few weeks, with the issue becoming more apparent this week.

In response, a spokesman for Southend Council said: “Our Parking and Highways team were informed of PCNs being issued to season ticket holders in the car park.

“Officers investigated and found there was a system issue identified in addition to a training requirement which has now been managed and hopefully resolved.

“Four PCNs were issued in error.

“These have been cancelled, and a letter sent to the registered keeper to confirm and to also offer our apologies for the inconvenience caused.”