Families struggling with the cost-of-living crisis will be able to pay what they can when a south Essex hospice shop launches a landmark scheme.

Havens Hospices charity shops in Corringham and Southchurch will be offering customers the chance to pay what they can for items.

The special event on Saturday, called Pay What You Can, aims to help shoppers through the cost-of-living crisis.

It will see shoppers write what they can afford on the item’s price tag before heading to pay at the till.

Every item purchased will support Southend-based Havens Hospices which provides specialist care and support to people of all ages living with incurable conditions.

Chloe Bright, who has been volunteering at the Corringham store for three years, said: “When I go shopping, I’m sometimes shocked at the price of things, so I think this is a wonderful idea, especially during the current cost-of-living crisis.

“It will give people a chance to buy items they can’t usually afford. We’re lucky to get amazing donations from our local community, so our shoppers could get some great bargains too.”

Chloe said it was hoped the move to allow shoppers to write the price before buying would take the stigma away from people’s financial situations.

She added: “Being able to write your own price on the tag also takes away any awkwardness you might feel.

“The staff at our shops are great and really supportive so they will help anyone who may be a little unsure of how much to put.

“Whatever you can afford to pay, every purchase will help families cared for by Havens Hospices to make every day of life count.

“The money raised ensures the charity can continue providing the care and support families choose, from the day they are diagnosed for as long as they need it, including when the end of life is in sight.”

The event is taking place at the charity’s stores in Corringham and Southchurch on Saturday.

There is a minimum price of £1 per item with the maximum number of items per customer set at ten.

The offer includes everything in the shop.

For more information about Havens Hospice’s shops visit havenshospices.org.uk/charityshop.