Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis has warned people about a "plague" of scam ads doing the rounds on the social media platform LinkedIn.

One LinkedIn user brought the issues to Lewis' attention saying his feed was "awash with pics of you promoting something which I know you wouldn't be promoting".

The ad shows a picture of Lewis with the message: "Breaking News. Martin LewisReveals the Secret to Making £300 into £6000 in One Week."

The user showed multiple examples of the same ad coming from various different named accounts.

Martin Lewis warns of 'plague' of scams on LinkedIn

Lewis took to Twitter to show the message the user had sent to him warning about the scam ads. 

He said it "isn't good enough" and has requested the ads be taken down, while also adding the fact he isn't even on LinkedIn. 

Lewis said: "My team and I have been in touch with Linked in as we're aware of the plague of spam/scam ads with me in there.

"They say they're taking them down, but please keep reporting them there.

"It isn't good enough. (I'm not even on linked-in)."

This latest warning comes just a week after Lewis reported similar scam ads doing the rounds on other social media platforms.

The ads once again contained images of him and he warned people "don't go near it!".

Lewis has sued Facebook in the past due to similar scams.