A HOCKLEY school has been described as a “special place” where bullying "rarely happens" after an inspection by an education watchdog.

Westerings Primary Academy, in Sunny Road, has been praised by Ofsted which handed them a good rating.

It comes as inspectors found the 402 children at the school are “well prepared” to move into secondary school and bullying is something that “rarely happens”.

The report, published this week, said: “Pupils try hard and do their best. They know that leaders want the very best for them.

“Pupils are safe at school. Bullying is something that happens rarely. When things happen that worry or upset pupils, they know they can speak to any adult. Staff take pupils seriously and take prompt action to deal with any issues that arise.

“Pupils are very polite and well mannered. They hold doors open for others to pass through and are considerate to adults and each other. This makes the school a friendly and welcoming place.”

Ofsted also highlighted the “broad, interesting and well planned” curriculum leaders have ensured, which allows the children to get off to a “really strong start” in their early years.

Even though the teachers adapt their teaching approaches to make sure that all pupils’ needs are met, including those with special educational needs (SEND) getting taught important words that will be used in a lesson beforehand, where appropriate, the provision is not “always precisely matched” to their needs.

The report said: “Some pupils with SEND do not achieve as well as they could.

“Provision for pupils with SEND is not always sufficiently fine-tuned to their individual needs.

“Leaders should take action to further develop provision, so that it is optimally focused on individual needs, in order that pupils with SEND achieve exceptionally well.”

Headteacher Adam Stainsbury said: "Whilst Ofsted inspections are a single measure among many that reflect the quality of schools, it was of course incredibly pleasing for our school community to receive such a glowing report.

“The lead inspector was astounded by the unique and “special” environment that contributes to making our school truly remarkable.

"The inspection particularly acknowledged the amazing learning environment, high standards and breadth of provision, as well as the unique character of our school.

"However, for me, the most pleasing part of the process was seeing how fondly and proudly our children spoke about their school. Afterall, who better to judge us than those who learn here day-in day-out?

"Staff work tirelessly to provide Westerings pupils with the best start in life, so it is gratifying to see their hard work recognised and praised within this report.”

The school is part of the Academies Enterprise Trust. It joined on September 1, 2011, when it converted to become an academy.