A shocking new survey has named Basildon as the second worst place for a night out in the UK.

Research by Public First looked at the size of the night-time economy across more than 100 major towns and cities in England and Wales.

Basildon, which has just 5.08 nightclubs, bars and restaurants per 10,000 people, according to the report, was named the second worst place for a night out.

Sadly, a number of Echo readers have agreed they feel as though there are few options for a good night out in the town.

Roni Adams commented: "Where in Basildon can someone have a good ole boogie woogie? Absolutely nowhere bring back Chicagos."

Therefore, we asked an AI chatbot for its recommendations for a great night out in the Basildon.

Using chatgpt.org, we were given four locations which artificial intelligence suggests to visit.

Here is what the AI chatbot said:

"*Colors Basildon: Colors Basildon is a vibrant nightclub known for its energetic atmosphere and diverse music selection. With multiple dance floors, including a separate R&B and hip-hop room, Colors attracts a young and lively crowd. It hosts regular themed events and showcases well-known DJs, making it a top spot for a night of dancing and partying.

"The Edge: The Edge is a popular venue for live music and entertainment. It hosts a range of events, including live bands, tribute acts, and comedy nights. The venue provides ample space, comfortable seating, and a well-stocked bar, creating an enjoyable experience for music enthusiasts.

"The Beehive: The Beehive is a traditional pub with a cozy and friendly atmosphere. It offers a wide selection of beers, ales, and spirits, including craft beers. The pub is known for its warm hospitality, making it a great spot for a relaxed evening with friends.

"Festival Leisure Park: Festival Leisure Park is an entertainment complex that offers a range of venues for a night out. It features various restaurants, bars, and leisure facilities, including a cinema, bowling alley, and arcade. With something for everyone, Festival Leisure Park provides a one-stop destination for an enjoyable evening of entertainment and dining.

"These venues in Basildon offer diverse options for a night out, catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether you're looking for a lively nightclub, live music performances, a stylish bar, or a cozy pub, Basildon has something to offer for an exciting and memorable night out."

*Colors is now named The Loft