Residents are being warned to stay away from the water at Canvey Lake due to high levels of a type of blooming algae which can produce harmful toxins.

Canvey Town Council is warning residents to stay away from the water due to high levels of blue-green algae present in the lake.

Algae occurs naturally in waters such as rivers, streams, and lakes. During a bloom, the water becomes less clear and may look green, blue-green, or greenish brown and scums can form during calm weather when several bloom forming species rise to the surface.


Cyanobacteria or ‘blue-green algae’, a type of blooming algae, can produce toxins. These toxins can kill wild animals and pets and can also be harmful to people, producing rashes after skin contact and illnesses if swallowed.

Residents are warned to keep pets and children away from the water and avoid skin contact.

Canvey Lake is not a bathing lake and fishing is banned, therefore, the town council has reassured the risk to residents is limited if they stay away from the water.

Canvey town mayor, Elaine Harvey, said: “Due to the location of the lake it is very difficult to close the lake to the public, therefore, please read the signage around the lake, keep your dogs on leads and keep your children away from the water.”

For more information, please see the council's website