PUPILS understand the importance of “kindness and respect” at a Canvey school rated “good” by Ofsted.

Northwick Park Primary and Nursery Academy, in Third Avenue, has been rated “good” after an inspection on May 23 and 24.

Inspectors found leaders are “ambitious” and pupils live up to the “high expectations”.

The report stated: “Pupils know the adults in school want them to work hard and grow up to be successful.

“Pupils rise to adults’ high expectations. They listen attentively to teachers and take great pride in their work.

“As a result, current pupils are achieving well across the curriculum.”

At the time of the inspection, there were 648 pupils at the school, all aged between two and 11.

The school has been rated “good” or higher since its first inspection back in December 2007.

The report added: “Pupils behaviour and attitudes to learning are exemplary. They concentrate in lessons and follow instructions well.

“Pupils show personal aspiration and determination. They talk enthusiastically about the successes of past pupils who inspire them.

“Pupils show empathy for others and understand the importance of kindness and respect.

“Bullying is rare. Consequently, pupils are happy and safe in school.”

When a school has been judged “good”, Ofsted will usually go into the school about once every four years to confirm that the school remains “good”. This is called an ungraded inspection.

If at an ungraded inspection, evidence is found that the school would now receive a higher or lower grade, then the next inspection will be graded.

This is the case for Northwick Park Primary and Nursery Academy with Ofsted noting how it “continues to be a good school” and “there is enough evidence of improved performance to suggest the school could be judged outstanding if we were to carry out a graded inspection now”.

Headteacher Emma Lane expressed her delighted with the report.

She said: “It is an acknowledgement of the outstanding work of the trustees, governors, and staff in conjunction with our incredibly supportive parents and carers and our wonderful children.”