A Brentwood nightclub says it hopes a probe into its licence will be resolved soon after allegations a 14th birthday party descended into a large-scale disturbance with bottles of spirits being used as weapons.

A review into bloc40’s licence has been sparked after the footage from the birthday party on June 16 shared on social media showed a large-scale disturbance within the premises with youths punching each other while bottles of spirits were being used as weapons and thrown at party attendees.

Essex Police say there appeared to be only a limited attempt by premises staff to step in.

The force alleges that council CCTV footage then shows the disturbance spreading outside the premises and into the road with upwards of 60 persons estimated to be involved.

This necessitated the deployment of in excess of 10 police units including specialist resources being called to assist.

A statement from bloc40 says the party was a dry hire event with adults supervising. It disputes the police account as “100 per cent accurate”.

Essex Police have asked for the review on the basis of the prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, the prevention of public nuisance and the protection of children from harm.

Police say officers attending the disturbance involving large numbers of school children within the venue and outside on the street found many of these were intoxicated – presuming they had consumed alcohol before attending but still allowed entry.

Its review report alleges that during the incident full bottles of spirits were snatched from the bar area and used as weapons.

They say evidence suggests that SIA door staff were not on duty – cursory searches of bags was witnessed by council CCTV but the individuals doing so were not visibly wearing SIA licences.

They add that searching and controlling entry are licensable activities to be undertaken by SIA licensed staff only – it is an offence to undertake such activity whilst unlicensed or failing to display an SIA licence.

The report adds that social media footage appears to show the owner of the business taking no steps to intervene and apparently allowing disorderly behaviour on the premises.

The report said: “A large amount of police resources, including many from outside Brentwood, needed to be deployed to attend and take control of the situation. The youths endangered themselves and other members of the public when they spilled into the roadway.

“Since the incident the police licensing team have attempted many times to speak with the premises owner, but phone calls, letters and e-mails have not been responded to. Requests to attend and view CCTV footage (a condition of the premises licence) have not been responded to.”

The premises has for some time been associated with crime and disorder, including in 2021 when 2 persons were stabbed, and Essex Police initiated a summary review of the premises licence.

The statement added: “Further enquiries are being made into the incident and the culpability of premises management and whilst Essex Police would generally take a stepped approach to enforcement (and seek to work with premises) it remains the case that this premises has a history of non-compliance, the most recent incident was serious and demonstrated an apparent lack of management control – and premises management has so far failed to respond to communication from the police.

“All four of the licensing objectives were undermined during this incident; youths committed assaults (including the use of improvised weapons), persons inside and outside were liable to injury, significant nuisance to road and footway users was occasioned and the attendees (children) were not protected.”

A statement from bloc 40 said: “The event was a 14-year -old birthday party and was dry hire (no alcohol was sold or given for free). There were adults there supervising and security also. The police account is not 100 per cent accurate and we are cooperating with the necessary authorities and hope to have the matter resolved soon.”

Essex Police said: “We were called shortly after 9.10pm on Friday 16 June following reports of a disturbance at bloc40, High Street, Brentwood.

“We responded quickly, and once there, officers found a private party was in progress and a group of approximately 60 to 70 under 18’s were present. Some of those present were reported fighting and throwing bottles. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries.

“A teenage boy was arrested on suspicion of a public order offence of shouting at a police officer several times, but de-arrested and handed over to parents after he was advised about his behaviour.

“From around 9.15pm, parents started to arrive to collect the teenagers. Essex Police Licensing team reviewed details of the events in connection with the premises’ license. Licensing objectives covered are prevention of crime and disorder, causes public nuisance, public safety, protecting children from harm.

“As a responsible authority under the Licensing Act, we have requested a review of the premises’ license by Brentwood Council Licensing Sub-Committee at a public hearing (date to be confirmed).”