Canvey's infamous boy racers have continued to wreak havoc despite new powers introduced to tackle the issue, Essex Police says.

Roscommon Way became subject to a PSPO in September following years of vehicle-related anti-social behaviour which has had a detrimental impact on residents and businesses.

Police and council officers have additional powers to disperse large groups and fine repeat offenders. 

However, police have said the street racing - despite reduced - has continued since the crackdown was introduced.


In recent weeks police have discovered large car meets in the area and seized a number of vehicles as they vow to take enforcement action.

A car was seized and 15 fines were issued when officers were called to a large scale event on July 1. More than 200 vehicles from as far away as Norfolk attended.

Days later, on July 29, police discovered another meet and issued two fines, a warning and seized another vehicle.

An Essex Police spokesman said: "For over ten years, anti social behaviour involving motor vehicles at Roscommon Way, Canvey, has been causing considerable impact on the community.

"Street racing is illegal and dangerous, with large groups of spectators lining up to watch vehicles race along the dual carriageway there is a real risk of serious harm.

"In September 2022, Castle Point Borough Council implemented a Public Spaces Protection Order, forbidding this activity. However, the street racing has continued albeit much reduced, and working with Castle Point Borough Council, Essex Police are committed to reducing the risk of harm and patrol regularly."