A PAIR of sisters have made beauty pageant history, as they compete against each other for the Miss Great Britain crown.

Claire and Nicola Redgrave, who are both from Basildon, claimed the Miss Kent and Miss Hertfordshire titles respectively, and will now go head to head for the ultimate crown.

Claire, 27, a mental health worker, and Nicola, 30, who works for Maldon Salt, are hoping one of them will bring home the title.

The success so far means they are already the first sisters to win back to back regional titles in the competition .

The pair were able to qualify for other counties due to family connections to both Kent and Hertfordshire.

Claire said: “We do like the Miss Great Britain system as it presents many opportunities to people, of all ages.

“It gives you a chance to empower other women.”

The duo will use their platforms to raise awareness for causes that are personal to them.

Nicola is a volunteer for SEED, an eating disorder support charity, and wants to use her title to discuss and raise awareness around eating disorders.

Claire will use her title to help those who are or have been in abusive relationships, having started her own campaign called REA: Recognising Emotional Abuse.

Claire added: “It’s nice for us to use our platforms for that. Nicola suffered with eating disorders for so long and she will be able to have a chance to make that difference.

“She also saw what I went through with my relationship, and through this we can support each other’s struggles.

“It is nice to compete with her. We can have a competitive edge that no one else gets to experience.

“There have been sister duos in the past, but it hasn’t happened for a while. It’s such a unique thing to go into - you can go into a competition and know you have that support.”

The National Final for Miss Great Britain 2023 will take place on Friday, October 20, at the Athena in Leicester.