The latest YouGov poll concerning living standards and people's perceptions of who deserves what has generated a whole host of controversy.

To some, it seemed that "most people surveyed want people out of work to sit in their overpriced flats and quietly wait to die", based on the results.

Their question was simple, yet eye-opening, "what should people be able to afford?".

Multiple people for each question believed that only the wealthiest of Britons deserved the following: To go on holidays, designer clothes, go to the pub, or have private dental or health care.

"What should living standards look like for people on benefits, minimum wage, and average earnings? We put 35 expenses to the public and asked who should be able to afford them - here's what they said:"

As the cost of living crisis continues to push people to the edge, financially and mentally, some argued that the YouGov poll was in poor taste.

The option of 'private mental health help' was highlighted as being particularly dividing among those surveyed.

12 people believed only the wealthiest deserved such care, 28 believed only those on an average salary deserved it, 25 for average salary and above, and 35 people believed even those out of work should have the option.

Another section: 'people able to rent a house or flat', delivered results that elicited anger from Twitter users in the comments.

51% of people voted yes to 'everyone' being able to afford rent, meaning 49% of people, therefore, voted against that right.

In response, user Conor Heaney said: "50% of people think that people without a job should automatically be homeless. What a horrible little country this is."

The Twitter account @JustTalkWrestle commented: "So basically most people surveyed want people out of work to sit in their overpriced flats and quietly wait to die.

"If you put in a "Access to water" option I can guarantee it wouldn't 100%, that's how horrid the UK is right now."

Regarding dental and mental healthcare, @ocramc said: "The numbers for private dental and mental healthcare are wild considering that it’s often not possible to access those services on the NHS".