WORLD famous illusionist Derren Brown has launched his newest show and Colchester theatregoers are among the first in the world to experience it.

Ahead of a West End stint, Unbelievable launched at Colchester’s Mercury Theatre last week, fast becoming one of the theatre’s best-selling productions of all time.

Described as “a magic show like no other” it is easy to see why Derren Brown’s Unbelievable has become an instant hit.

Magic shows are nothing without the audience. But this is different – the audience truly is the beating heart of the show.

From the moment the curtain opens the audience is involved in the action, getting involved in magic tricks that go far beyond the norm.

A lucky audience member is even invited to relocate to the “best seat in the house”, becoming part of the show slap bang in the heart of the action.

Echo: Participation - audience members are invited to take to the best seat in the houseParticipation - audience members are invited to take to the best seat in the house (Image: Mercury Theatre)

The high levels of audience participation make for a truly unique viewing experience every time, and the moments the audience gets involved in are far from cringeworthy.

But it isn’t all about the magic. There’s humour in bucket loads, there’s music from a New York Subway Band, and they even manage to turn water into wine in one mind-blowing moment.

What makes it so good is the hugely diverse range of talent among the cast who don’t all come from the world of illusion (though they’re all very good at it).

Each cast member brings something else to the table and they all left the audience smiling from ear to ear.

Echo: Talented - Yolanda Ovide in UnbelievableTalented - Yolanda Ovide in Unbelievable (Image: Mercury Theatre)

Hannah Price undoubtedly steals the show with her musical talent and mind-reading capabilities.

Derren Brown doesn’t appear on stage himself but, in all honesty, he doesn’t need to. Audiences get a genuine look into his mind which is played out perfectly by the cast.

Unbelievable certainly lives up to its name. It truly reimagines magic and will have you questioning reality more than any magic show you’ve seen before. The Mercury is lucky to have it.

Echo: Music - Alexander Bean in UnbelievableMusic - Alexander Bean in Unbelievable (Image: Mercury Theatre)

Unbelievable shows at the Mercury Theatre until Saturday, August 26 before moving to the West End.

Tickets can be purchased at