The UK has had a miserable summer if you're judging it from the weather over the past couple of months.

Whilst the rest of Europe has seen record temperatures boil certain countries, hitting the extreme in some cases, the UK has been the complete opposite.

Rain, overcasts, and wind have been the story so far for our shores, and although the glum weather has continued so far in August, that all might be about to change.

According to Jim Dale from British Weather Services, a plume of hot air will come in from North Africa, Spain, and France, giving Brits hope of a warm end to summer.

The predictions say the hot weather may begin on August 16, lasting for the rest of the month.

Temperatures could rise into the high 20s, breaking past 30C in some cases.

Some thermometers predict it could reach as high as 33C in the south of England on August 20.

"We’re in the world of the ‘new abnormal’ now and we are still in August so anything is possible. The charts are indeed onside," he told the Express.

"There are long ways to go to August 20, but hot plumes coming over from North Africa, Spain and France are more likely than not now given what July delivered. Pencil it in as a distinct possibility."

What the Met Office says on heatwave chances

Unsettled conditions are likely to continue until at least August 21, according to the weather forecaster.

After this, there should be some more dry and settled weather to see out the month.

The Met Office's long-range forecast reads: "A changeable pattern is most likely through the latter part of August and into early September.

"This is likely to bring a mixture of some dry, settled weather but also some spells of wetter, more unsettled conditions. There is a risk of some heavy rain or thunderstorms at times.

"Temperatures are expected to be close to average for the time of the year, however, some warmer spells are also possible."