A LUXURY steam train trip for passengers with a penchant for history will be setting off from Southend at the beginning of December. 

Steam Dreams is offering another enchanting journey from Shoebury to Winchester on December 8, with an iconic B1 class 61306 Mayflower locomotive. 

The trip will begin in Shoebury at 8.45am and the return is scheduled for 9.50pm.

It will stop at Southend Central train station at 9am and return at 9.35pm.

The historic locomotive is one of two surviving B1 Class locomotives.

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They were designed as mixed-traffic locomotives capable of hauling express passenger trains as well as freight traffic.

As powerful, go-anywhere engines, the B1s worked across most of the UK rail network from East Anglia to Scotland.

The journey will begin in Shoeburyness, and make the way through Essex towards the outskirts of London.

The journey will continue through South to Surrey and Hampshire, past the rolling Hampshire hills and frosty treetops to the beautiful cathedral city of Winchester.

Travellers will then have time to visit the Christmas Market, which is recognised as being one of the best in Europe and attracts visitors from around the world.

The pretty wooden chalets, set within the historic grounds of the Cathedral, will offer a variety of festive food and drink as well as local crafts.

After the break in Winchester, the trip will continue through the homeward journey, once again hauled by the steam locomotive.

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In West London, the journey will be placed on hold, while staff will change the steam locomotive for a diesel locomotive for a swift run back to Shoeburyness.

Tickets range from £175 to £370 per person depending on whether guests opt for a Pullman Style Dining, First Class, or Premium Standard ticket.

To view the complete 2023 day trip schedule or make a booking, visit steamdreams.co.uk, or call 01483 209888. 

The steam locomotive, which has two cylinders, six driving wheels, a firebox grate area of 30 square feet and can operate at 75mph, is rostered for the trip listed, but it cannot be guaranteed.