Like smoking, there are varying restrictions on where you can and can't vape in the UK.

When you're out and about and fancy a puff of your vape, it can be hard sometimes to know whether you are permitted to do so in certain areas.

Haypp, who develops tobacco-free nicotine pouches, said while most people are aware of the laws around smoking, vaping rules can sometimes be a bit of a "grey area".

But don't worry, Haypp has come up with a list of places in the UK where it is illegal to vape, so you don't land yourself a fine.

Echo: There are five main places in the UK where vaping is illegal according to Haypp.There are five main places in the UK where vaping is illegal according to Haypp. (Image: PA)

Illegal places to vape in the UK that could land you a £5000 fine

According to vaping expert Markus Linblad from Haypp, there are five main places in the UK where vaping is illegal. 

Vaping in any of these places could land you a fine of up to £5000.

The places that are illegal to vape in the UK are:

Music and sport venues

Mr Linblad said large venues such as Wembley Stadium in London did do not allow vaping, but rules could vary between various venues across the UK. 

He said: "It is best to check the rules of each place to know whether vaping is restricted or not.

"Of course, if it is indoors then vaping is not allowed but outdoor spaces may differ."

Echo: Wembley Stadium does not allow vaping.Wembley Stadium does not allow vaping. (Image: PA)


While it is legal to vape while driving, it is not advised as vaping could obscure vision or distract you from the road.

Mr Linblad, the vaping expert at Haypp, said: "There are some grey areas on this topic as the ‘driving without due care’ law could come into play if the vapour has restricted vision to the point of it being dangerous. 

"If this is found to be true, you risk up to nine points on your licence and a maximum £5,000 fine."

Public Transport

Vaping is generally banned on most forms of public transport, including planes, trains, buses and trams.

Some cruises may have designated smoking/vaping areas but it’s generally banned in public spaces.

Mr Linblad added: "You are mostly allowed to carry a vape on public transport but if you are using this transport to visit another country, you may find that it is illegal and will have it confiscated upon arrival."

Airports and planes

Echo: Smoking and vaping are both illegal on planes.Smoking and vaping are both illegal on planes. (Image: PA)

Similar to cigarettes, using vapes on a plane is banned on flights.

The Haypp vaping expert said: "Failure to comply may result in a fine or even criminal charges.

"There are also sometimes restrictions as to how many vapes you can carry per person.

"This depends on the airline so check the company's specific rules before packing your bags."

Hospital and health clinics

Mr Linblad said: "NHS trusts and service providers will review local policies and government advice and have varying policies.

"This includes designated areas within the hospital grounds and buildings where e-cigarette use is allowed or prohibited."