A new set of stamps bearing the image of King Charles III have been released by Royal Mail.

These are new versions of definitive, ‘everyday’, value stamps which are often called ’make-up’ values, as they are typically used to ‘make up’ remaining postage fees.

The new values have retained the colour schemes used when the stamps featured the image of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Standard Royal Mail stamps featuring the image of Charles began to be rolled out at the beginning of April.

These are now starting to be seen more often as the stock of stamps with Queen Elizabeth II's image was finished up.

Echo: The low-value stamps are of varying valuesThe low-value stamps are of varying values (Image: Royal Mail)

What are the new stamps worth?

The set of seven new low-value stamps that now feature the image of King Charles III are valued as follows:

  • 1p – Sapphire Blue
  • 2p – Dark Green
  • 5p – Purple Heather
  • 10p – Aqua Green
  • 20p – Light Green
  • 50p – Slate Grey
  • £1.00 – Wood Brown

There are also two high-value stamps which are:

  • £2 – Bright Blue
  • £5 – Spruce Green

The low-value 'everyday' stamps can be purchased on the Royal Mail website here, including in presentation packs.

In a statement, Royal Mail said: "First Class, Second Class and Large Definitive stamps bearing the image of His Majesty King Charles were first issued on 4th April 2023.

"These are being seen more often on letters as stocks of stamps issued during the reign of the late Queen have been used.

"Special Stamps have carried the silhouette of His Majesty since the release of the Flowers stamps on 23rd March 2023.

"Non-barcoded definitive stamps were no longer valid for use after 31 July 2023.

"Customers who have been unable to use their non-barcoded stamps can exchange them for the new barcoded versions through Royal Mail’s ‘Swap Out’ scheme."