A MAN tried to return to a pub and buy drinks while covered in the blood of a murder victim who was stabbed to death in a Canvey brawl, a trial has heard.

Matt Portwood, 42, died from two stab wounds to his neck after a fight kicked off outside the  Haystack Pub in Furtherwick Road on Saturday, February 4.

Jamie Lewis, 24, of Bensham Lane, Croydon, Keith Aransibia, 59, of no fixed abode and Keiron Aransibia, 28, of Evelyn Denington Road, London, E6, have been charged with murder.

The trial opened in Basildon Crown Court on September 12, with the prosecution asserting Jamie Lewis was the killer.

The jury heard Lewis attempted to re-enter the Haystack pub and buy a drink while covered in blood but was refused service.

Cyrus Shroff, prosecuting, said: “When asked why he was covered in blood, Mr Lewis said ‘don’t worry about it I just cut myself.’


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Canvey Matt Portwood murder trial opens in Basildon

“Mr Lewis entered the toilet with Keiron Aransiba to clean up and discarded tissues which were recovered by the police.

“The DNA of the deceased Mr Portwood, Jamie Lewis and an unrelated third individual was found on the blood-stained tissues.”

After the altercation took place Keiron and Keith Aransibia left the area by taxi without Lewis. Keiron Aransibia was heard panicking, repeatedly saying ‘I’m going to get nicked’ while on the phone to Lewis, the court has heard.

Following Haystack’s refusal to serve Lewis he went to buy food at a kebab shop across the street.

Despite the best efforts from medical staff, Mr Portwood was pronounced dead at 2.44am

The stab wounds penetrated the victim’s carotid arteries and jugular vein causing ‘catastrophic’ blood loss which resulted in his death.

Jamie Lewis and Keith Aransibia were arrested on February 7 with Keiron Aransibia handing himself into police on the same day.

Mr Shroff added: “Police spoke to customers and bar staff to form a picture on how it came to be Mr Portwood started the night drinking with friends and ended it haemorrhaging from a stab wound.

“With the benefit of hindsight, these defendants were noticeable as they went from unremarkable to volatile and aggressive in a short space of time.”

The hearing continues.