A STALKER bombarded his ex-partner with “appalling” and “horrific” messages expressing his sexual desires after she dumped him.

Emmanuel Igbedioh, 28, of Hannett Road, Canvey, was accused of having a “sexual obsession” with the victim by a judge during his sentencing hearing yesterday.

After the victim ended the relationship, Igbedioh started sending messages and photos from locations near to her.

He also contacted her at her home and other locations amounting to a “stalking involving fear of violence or serious alarm or distress” charge.

Igbedioh was remanded in custody from February 15, 2021, to January 12, 2022, and has since been out on conditional bail.

He appeared in Basildon Crown Court yesterday for sentencing.

Judge Andrew Hurst said: “You have a significant problem relating to sexual obsession with young women and struggle to cope with the fact that they are not obsessed with you.

“I’ve read over the messages again and some of them are quite frankly horrific.

“To be the subject of a barrage of highly sexualised messages and borderline violent messages is unacceptable and you communicated with the victim in the most appalling way.”

The victim said she feels vulnerable, anxious, sad, and stripped of her independence in a victim impact statement.

Dominic Bell, mitigating, argued against an immediate custodial sentence to ‘address concerns’ surrounding Igbedioh’s behaviour.

He said: “At the moment he has a warehouse job which seems to be going well and the support of his family.

“He lives at home and has the necessary support. It is just about addressing concerns of his ability to control his emotions, which the rehabilitation activity requirement days are designed to address.”

Judge Hurst accepted some of the mitigating factors in Igbedioh’s case.

He said: “In your case you did spend a considerable amount of time in custody and I can appreciate that must have been difficult and scary for you and your family.”

Igbedioh was handed a 24-month community order and must complete 50 rehabilitation activity requirement days.