A DRUNKEN outburst saw a man threaten to stab his ex-partner and her mother while also threatening to “burn down their house”.

Connor Burden, 20, of First Avenue, Canvey, told his ex-partner he was coming to her address with a knife before the altercation.

He attended her home on June 24, which saw his ex-partner flee to her mother’s house.

The couple had a verbal argument in which Burden threatened to stab both victims.

He was spared jail at Basildon Crown Court yesterday.

Kate Davies, prosecuting, said: “The defendant continued to threaten the victim’s and grabbed his ex-partner by the shoulders and threw her to the ground causing her toes to bend back.

“When officers arrived at the scene she was limping, crying and wailing.

“Officers located the defendant who tried to run away and fell to the floor.

“Two officers apprehended the defendant who tried to profess his innocence. The officers also found the knife which Mr Burden attempted to discard.”

The court heard Burden swore at the officers and threatened them with violence as well as trying to headbutt one of the officers.

A victim impact statement read: “This incident has left me feeling sick and I hardly get any sleep now.

“I feel my daughter has been a victim of domestic abuse and I wont let her out of my sight now.”

Omar Sabbagh, mitigating for Connor Burden, explained how his mental health issues significantly affect his behaviour.

Mr Sabbagh said “Mr Burden is someone who has substantial mental health considerations and has been diagnosed with autism, Aspergers, conduct disorder, depression and anxiety.

“His conduct disorder is such that it may make him more willing and likely to engage in behaviour that gets him in trouble.

“He cares for his grandparents who are very sickly with cancer diagnoses, heart conditions and a broken hip.”

Burden was convicted of two offences of threatening with a bladed article in a public place, assault and assault of an emergency worker, threats to damage or destroy property and cannabis possession.

Recorder Oliver Campbell handed him a sentence of 53 weeks suspended for two years with a five year restraining order.